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Mathematics  2011 

On the cohomology of loop spaces for some Thom spaces

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In this paper we identify conditions under which the cohomology $H^*(\Omega M\xi;\k)$ for the loop space $\Omega M\xi$ of the Thom space $M\xi$ of a spherical fibration $\xi\downarrow B$ can be a polynomial ring. We use the Eilenberg-Moore spectral sequence which has a particularly simple form when the Euler class $e(\xi)\in H^n(B;\k)$ vanishes, or equivalently when an orientation class for the Thom space has trivial square. As a consequence of our homological calculations we are able to show that the suspension spectrum $\Sigma^\infty\Omega M\xi$ has a local splitting replacing the James splitting of $\Sigma\Omega M\xi$ when $M\xi$ is a suspension.


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