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Mathematics  2010 

Existence of energy-minimal diffeomorphisms between doubly connected domains

DOI: 10.1007/s00222-011-0327-6

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The paper establishes the existence of homeomorphisms between two planar domains that minimize the Dirichlet energy. Specifically, among all homeomorphisms f : R -> R* between bounded doubly connected domains such that Mod (R) < Mod (R*) there exists, unique up to conformal authomorphisms of R, an energy-minimal diffeomorphism. No boundary conditions are imposed on f. Although any energy-minimal diffeomorphism is harmonic, our results underline the major difference between the existence of harmonic diffeomorphisms and the existence of the energy-minimal diffeomorphisms. The existence of globally invertible energy-minimal mappings is of primary pursuit in the mathematical models of nonlinear elasticity and is also of interest in computer graphics.


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