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Mathematics  1994 

3-manifolds with(out) metrics of nonpositive curvature

DOI: 10.1007/BF01231445

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In the context of Thurstons geometrisation program we address the question which compact aspherical 3-manifolds admit Riemannian metrics of nonpositive curvature. We show that non-geometric Haken manifolds generically, but not always, admit such metrics. More precisely, we prove that a Haken manifold with, possibly empty, boundary of zero Euler characteristic admits metrics of nonpositive curvature if the boundary is non-empty or if at least one atoroidal component occurs in its canonical topological decomposition. Our arguments are based on Thurstons Hyperbolisation Theorem. We give examples of closed graph-manifolds with linear gluing graph and arbitrarily many Seifert components which do not admit metrics of nonpositive curvature.


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