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Mathematics  2015 

A global existence result for a Keller-Segel type system with supercritical initial data

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We consider a parabolic-elliptic Keller-Segel type system, which is related to a simplified model of chemotaxis. Concerning the maximal range of existence of solutions, there are essentially two kinds of results: either global existence in time for general subcritical ($\|\rho_0\|_1<8\pi$) initial data, or blow--up in finite time for suitably chosen supercritical ($\|\rho_0\|_1>8\pi$) initial data with concentration around finitely many points. As a matter of fact there are no results claiming the existence of global solutions in the supercritical case. We solve this problem here and prove that, for a particular set of initial data which share large supercritical masses, the corresponding solution is global and uniformly bounded.


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