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Mathematics  2013 

On the Coloring of Pseudoknots

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Pseudodiagrams are diagrams of knots where some information about which strand goes over/under at certain crossings may be missing. Pseudoknots are equivalence classes of pseudodiagrams, with equivalence defined by a class of Reidemeister-type moves. In this paper, we introduce two natural extensions of classical knot colorability to this broader class of knot-like objects. We use these definitions to define the determinant of a pseudoknot (i.e. the pseudodeterminant) that agrees with the classical determinant for classical knots. Moreover, we extend Conway notation to pseudoknots to facilitate the investigation of families of pseudoknots and links. The general formulae for pseudodeterminants of pseudoknot families may then be used as a criterion for p-colorability of pseudoknots.


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