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Mathematics  2015 

$α$-curvatures and $α$-flows on low dimensional triangulated manifolds

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In this paper, we introduce two discrete curvature flows, which are called $\alpha$-flows on two and three dimensional triangulated manifolds. For triangulated surface $M$, we introduce a new normalization of combinatorial Ricci flow (first introduced by Bennett Chow and Feng Luo \cite{CL1}), aiming at evolving $\alpha$ order discrete Gauss curvature to a constant. When $\alpha\chi(M)\leq0$, we prove that the convergence of the flow is equivalent to the existence of constant $\alpha$-curvature metric. We further get a necessary and sufficient combinatorial-topological-metric condition, which is a generalization of Thurston's combinatorial-topological condition, for the existence of constant $\alpha$-curvature metric. For triangulated 3-manifolds, we generalize the combinatorial Yamabe functional and combinatorial Yamabe problem introduced by the authors in \cite{GX2,GX4} to $\alpha$-order. We also study the $\alpha$-order flow carefully, aiming at evolving $\alpha$ order combinatorial scalar curvature, which is a generalization of Cooper and Rivin's combinatorial scalar curvature, to a constant.


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