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Mathematics  2009 

Large deviations and renormalization for Riesz potentials of stable intersection measures

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We study the object formally defined as \gamma\big([0,t]^{2}\big)=\int\int_{[0,t]^{2}} | X_{s}- X_{r}|^{-\sigma} dr ds-E\int\int_{[0,t]^{2}} | X_{s}- X_{r}|^{-\sigma} dr ds, where $X_{t}$ is the symmetric stable processes of index $0<\beta\le 2$ in $R^{d}$. When $\beta\le\sigma<\displaystyle\min \Big\{{3\over 2}\beta, d\Big\}$, this has to be defined as a limit, in the spirit of renormalized self-intersection local time. We obtain results about the large deviations and laws of the iterated logarithm for $\gamma$. This is applied to obtain results about stable processes in random potentials.


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