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Mathematics  2009 

A colocalization spectral sequence

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Colocalization is a right adjoint to the inclusion of a subcategory. Given a ring-spectrum R, one would like a spectral sequence which connects a given colocalization in the derived category of R-modules and an appropriate colocalization in the derived category of graded modules over the graded ring of homotopy groups of R. We show that, under suitable conditions, such a spectral sequence exists. This generalizes Greenlees' local-cohomology spectral sequence. The colocalization spectral sequence introduced here is associated with a localization spectral sequence, which is shown to be universal in an appropriate sense. We apply the colocalization spectral sequence to the cochains of certain loop spaces, yielding a non-commutative local-cohomology spectral sequence converging to the shifted cohomology of the loop space, a result dual to the local-cohomology theorem of Dwyer, Greenlees and Iyengar. An application to the abutment term of the Eilenberg-Moore spectral sequence is also presented.


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