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Mathematics  2009 

Nonexistence of Certain Skew-symmetric Amorphous Association Schemes

DOI: 10.1016/j.ejc.2010.04.004

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An association scheme is amorphous if it has as many fusion schemes as possible. Symmetric amorphous schemes were classified by A. V. Ivanov [A. V. Ivanov, Amorphous cellular rings II, in Investigations in algebraic theory of combinatorial objects, pages 39--49. VNIISI, Moscow, Institute for System Studies, 1985] and commutative amorphous schemes were classified by T. Ito, A. Munemasa and M. Yamada [T. Ito, A. Munemasa and M. Yamada, Amorphous association schemes over the Galois rings of characteristic 4, European J. Combin., 12(1991), 513--526]. A scheme is called skew-symmetric if the diagonal relation is the only symmetric relation. We prove the nonexistence of skew-symmetric amorphous schemes with at least 4 classes. We also prove that non-symmetric amorphous schemes are commutative.


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