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Mathematics  2003 

New type of exact solvability and of a hidden nonlinear dynamical symmetry in anharmonic oscillators

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Schroedinger bound-state problem in D dimensions is considered for a set of central polynomial potentials (containing 2q coupling constants). Its polynomial (harmonic-oscillator-like, quasi-exact, terminating) bound-state solutions of degree N are sought at a (q+1)-plet of exceptional couplings/energies, the values of which comply with (the same number of) termination conditions. We revealed certain hidden regularity in these coupled polynomial equations and in their roots. A particularly impressive simplification of the pattern occurred at the very large spatial dimensions D where all the "multi-spectra" of exceptional couplings/energies proved equidistant. In this way, one generalizes one of the key features of the elementary harmonic oscillators to (presumably, all) non-vanishing integers q.


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