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Mathematics  2002 

The Index Theorem for Homogeneous Differential Operators on Supermanifolds

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In mid 60s Bott proved that (1) the index theorem for homogeneous, G-invariant, elliptic differential operators acting in the spaces of sections of induced representations of G over G/H reduces to the Weyl character formula and (2) the index of an equivariant elliptic operator does not depend on the operator, but on the representations. Here the same theorem is formulated for the unitary supergroup G=U(p|q). For atypical representations the character formula does not reduce to that for the Lie group underlying the supergroup G and this contradicts a statement of Rempel and Schmitt on index on supermanifolds (Pseudodifferential operators and the index theorem on supermanifolds. Seminar Analysis, 1981/82, 92--131, Akad. Wiss. DDR, Berlin, 1982; id., Pseudodifferential operators and the index theorem on supermanifolds. Math. Nachr. 111 (1983), 153--175).


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