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Mathematics  1997 

Numerical Criteria for vey Ampleness of Divisors on Projective Bundles over an elliptic curve

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In Butler, J.Differential Geom. 39 (1):1--34,1994, the author gives a sufficient condition for a line bundle associated with a divisor D to be normally generated on $X=P(E)$ where E is a vector bundle over a smooth curve C. A line bundle which is ample and normally generated is automatically very ample. Therefore the condition found in Butler's work, together with Miyaoka's well known ampleness criterion, give a sufficient condition for the very ampleness of D on X. This work is devoted to the study of numerical criteria for very ampleness of divisors D which do not satisfy the above criterion, in the case of C elliptic. Numerical conditions for the very ampleness of D are proved,improving existing results. In some cases a complete numerical characterization is found.


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