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Mathematics  2013 

Asymptotic Data Rates of Receive-Diversity Systems with MMSE Estimation and Spatially Correlated Interferers

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An asymptotic technique is presented to characterize the bits/symbol achievable on a representative wireless link in a spatially distributed network with active interferers at correlated positions, N receive diversity branches, and linear Minimum-Mean-Square-Error (MMSE) receivers. This framework is then applied to systems including analogs to Matern type I and type II networks which are useful to model systems with Medium-Access Control (MAC), cellular uplinks with orthogonal transmissions and frequency reuse, and Boolean cluster networks. It is found that for our network models, with moderately large N, the correlation between interferer positions does not significantly influence the bits/symbol resulting in simple approximations for the data rates achievable in such networks which are known to be difficult to analyze and for which few analytical results are available.


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