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Mathematics  2008 

Towards Proving Legendre's Conjecture

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Legendre's conjecture states that there is a prime number between n^2 and (n+1)^2 for every positive integer n. We consider the following question : for all integer n>1 and a fixed integer k<=n does there exist a prime number such that kn < p < (k+1)n ? Bertrand-Chebyshev theorem answers this question affirmatively for k=1. A positive answer for k=n would prove Legendre's conjecture. In this paper, we show that one can determine explicitly a number N(k) such that for all n >= N(k), there is at least one prime between kn and (k+1)n. Our proof is based on Erdos's proof of Bertrand-Chebyshev theorem and uses elementary combinatorial techniques without appealing to the prime number theorem.


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