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Mathematics  1999 

Hirzebruch genera of manifolds with torus action

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A quasitoric manifold is a smooth 2n-manifold M^{2n} with an action of the compact torus T^n such that the action is locally isomorphic to the standard action of T^n on C^n and the orbit space is diffeomorphic, as manifold with corners, to a simple polytope P^n. The name refers to the fact that topological and combinatorial properties of quasitoric manifolds are similar to that of non-singular algebraic toric varieties (or toric manifolds). Unlike toric varieties, quasitoric manifolds may fail to be complex; however, they always admit a stably (or weakly almost) complex structure, and their cobordism classes generate the complex cobordism ring. As it have been recently shown by Buchstaber and Ray, a stably complex structure on a quasitoric manifold is defined in purely combinatorial terms, namely, by an orientation of the polytope and a function from the set of codimension-one faces of the polytope to primitive vectors of an integer lattice. We calculate the \chi_y-genus of a quasitoric manifold with fixed stably complex structure in terms of the corresponding combinatorial data. In particular, this gives explicit formulae for the classical Todd genus and signature. We also relate our results with well-known facts in the theory of toric varieties.


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