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Mathematics  2015 

A Semismooth Newton Method for Tensor Eigenvalue Complementarity Problem

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In this paper, we consider the tensor eigenvalue complementarity problem which is closely related to the optimality conditions for polynomial optimization, as well as a class of differential inclusions with nonconvex processes. By introducing an NCP-function, we reformulate the tensor eigenvalue complementarity problem as a system of nonlinear equations. We show that this function is strongly semismooth but not differentiable, in which case the classical smoothing methods cannot apply. Furthermore, we propose a damped semismooth Newton method for tensor eigenvalue complementarity problem. A new procedure to evaluate an element of the generalized Jocobian is given, which turns out to be an element of the B-subdifferential under mild assumptions. As a result, the convergence of the damped semismooth Newton method is guaranteed by existing results. The numerical experiments also show that our method is efficient and promising.


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