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Mathematics  2013 

Geometry of rank 2 distributions with nonzero Wilczynski invariants and affine control systems with one input

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We demonstrate how the novel approach to the local geometry of structures of nonholonomic nature, originated by Andrei Agrachev, works in the following two situations: rank 2 distributions of maximal class in R^n with non-zero generalized Wilczynski invariants and rank 2 distributions of maximal class in R^n with additional structures such as affine control system with one input spanning these distributions, sub-(pseudo)Riemannian structures etc. The common feature of these two situations is that each abnormal extremal (of the underlying rank 2 distribution) possesses a distinguished parametrization. This fact allows one to construct the canonical frame on a (2n-3)-dimensional bundle in both situations for arbitrary n greater than 4. The moduli spaces of the most symmetric models for both situations are described as well. The relation of our results to the divergence equivalence of Lagrangians of higher order is given


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