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Mathematics  2011 

Interior Regularity Estimates in High Conductivity Homogenization and Application

DOI: 10.1007/s00205-012-0553-0

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In this paper, uniform pointwise regularity estimates for the solutions of conductivity equations are obtained in a unit conductivity medium reinforced by a epsilon-periodic lattice of highly conducting thin rods. The estimates are derived only at a distance epsilon^{1+tau} (for some tau>0) away from the fibres. This distance constraint is rather sharp since the gradients of the solutions are shown to be unbounded locally in L^p as soon as p>2. One key ingredient is the derivation in dimension two of regularity estimates to the solutions of the equations deduced from a Fourier series expansion with respect to the fibres direction, and weighted by the high-contrast conductivity. The dependence on powers of epsilon of these two-dimensional estimates is shown to be sharp. The initial motivation for this work comes from imaging, and enhanced resolution phenomena observed experimentally in the presence of micro-structures. We use these regularity estimates to characterize the signature of low volume fraction heterogeneities in the fibred reinforced medium assuming that the heterogeneities stay at a distance epsilon^{1+tau} away from the fibres.


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