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Mathematics  2010 

Asymptotic Distribution Of The Roots Of The Ehrhart Polynomial Of The Cross-Polytope

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We use the method of steepest descents to study the root distribution of the Ehrhart polynomial of the $d$-dimensional cross-polytope, namely $\mathcal{L}_{d}$, as $d\rightarrow \infty$. We prove that the distribution function of the roots, approximately, as $d$ grows, by variation of argument of the generating function $\sum_{m\geq 0}\mathcal{L}_{d}(m)t^{m+x-1}=(1+t)^{d}(1-t)^{-d-1}t^{x-1}$, as $t$ varies appropriately on the segment of the imaginary line contained inside the unit disk.


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