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Mathematics  2009 

A generalization of Larman-Rogers-Seidel's theorem

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A finite set X in the d-dimensional Euclidean space is called an s-distance set if the set of Euclidean distances between any two distinct points of X has size s. Larman--Rogers--Seidel proved that if the cardinality of a two-distance set is greater than 2d+3, then there exists an integer k such that a^2/b^2=(k-1)/k, where a and b are the distances. In this paper, we give an extension of this theorem for any s. Namely, if the size of an s-distance set is greater than some value depending on d and s, then certain functions of s distances become integers. Moreover, we prove that if the size of X is greater than the value, then the number of s-distance sets is finite.


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