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Mathematics  2009 

Model category structures arising from Drinfeld vector bundles

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We present a general construction of model category structures on the category $\mathbb{C}(\mathfrak{Qco}(X))$ of unbounded chain complexes of quasi-coherent sheaves on a semi-separated scheme $X$. The construction is based on making compatible the filtrations of individual modules of sections at open affine subsets of $X$. It does not require closure under direct limits as previous methods. We apply it to describe the derived category $\mathbb D (\mathfrak{Qco}(X))$ via various model structures on $\mathbb{C}(\mathgrak{Qco}(X))$. As particular instances, we recover recent results on the flat model structure for quasi-coherent sheaves. Our approach also includes the case of (infinite-dimensional) vector bundles, and of restricted flat Mittag-Leffler quasi-coherent sheaves, as introduced by Drinfeld. Finally, we prove that the unrestricted case does not induce a model category structure as above in general.


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