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Mathematics  2008 

Large p-groups actions with a p-elementary abelian second ramification group

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Let $k$ be an algebraically closed field of characteristic $p>0$ and $C$ a connected nonsingular projective curve over $k$ with genus $g \geq 2$. Let $(C,G)$ be a "big action", i.e. a pair $(C,G)$ where $G$ is a $p$-subgroup of the $k$-automorphism group of $C$ such that$\frac{|G|}{g} >\frac{2 p}{p-1}$. We denote by $G_2$ the second ramification group of $G$ at the unique ramification point of the cover $C \to C/G$. The aim of this paper is to describe the big actions whose $G_2$ is $p$-elementary abelian. In particular, we obtain a structure theorem by considering the $k$-algebra generated by the additive polynomials. We more specifically explore the case where there is a maximal number of jumps in the ramification filtration of $G_2$. In this case, we display some universal families.


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