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Mathematics  2007 

Elliptic curves related to cyclic cubic extensions

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The aim of this paper is to study certain family of elliptic curves $\{\mathscr{X}_H\}_H$ defined over a number field $F$ arising from hyperplane sections of some cubic surface $\mathscr{X}/F$ associated to a cyclic cubic extension $K/F$. We show that each $\mathscr{X}_H$ admits a 3-isogeny $\phi$ over $F$ and the dual Selmer group $S^{(\hat{\phi})}(\hat{\mathscr{X}_H}/F)$ is bounded by a kind of unit/class groups attached to $K/F$. This is proven via certain rational function on the elliptic curve $\mathscr{X}_H$ with nice property. We also prove that the Shafarevich-Tate group $\text{\cyr X} (\hat{\mathscr{X}_H}/\rat)[\hat{\phi}]$ coincides with a class group of $K$ as a special case.


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