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Mathematics  2007 

Dynamical properties and structure of Julia sets of postcritically bounded polynomial semigroups

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We discuss the dynamic and structural properties of polynomial semigroups, a natural extension of iteration theory to random (walk) dynamics, where the semigroup $G$ of complex polynomials (under the operation of composition of functions) is such that there exists a bounded set in the plane which contains any finite critical value of any map $g \in G$. In general, the Julia set of such a semigroup $G$ may be disconnected, and each Fatou component of such $G$ is either simply connected or doubly connected (\cite{Su01,Su9}). In this paper, we show that for any two distinct Fatou components of certain types (e.g., two doubly connected components of the Fatou set), the boundaries are separated by a Cantor set of quasicircles (with uniform dilatation) inside the Julia set of $G.$ Important in this theory is the understanding of various situations which can and cannot occur with respect to how the Julia sets of the maps $g \in G$ are distributed within the Julia set of the entire semigroup $G$. We give several results in this direction and show how such results are used to generate (semi) hyperbolic semigroups possessing this postcritically boundedness condition.


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