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Mathematics  2007 

Remarks on symplectic twistor spaces

DOI: 10.1007/s10231-008-0082-5

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We consider some classical fibre bundles furnished with almost complex structures of twistor type, deduce their integrability in some cases and study \textit{self-holomorphic} sections of a \textit{symplectic} twistor space. With these we define a moduli space of $\omega$-compatible complex structures. We recall the theory of flag manifolds in order to study the Siegel domain and other domains alike, which is the fibre of the referred twistor space. Finally the structure equations for the twistor of a Riemann surface with the canonical symplectic-metric connection are deduced, based on a given conformal coordinate on the surface. We then relate with the moduli space defined previously.


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