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Mathematics  2006 

Statistical properties of topological Collet-Eckmann maps

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We study geometric and statistical properties of complex rational maps satisfying the Topological Collet-Eckmann Condition. We show that every such a rational map possesses a unique conformal probability measure of minimal exponent, and that this measure is non-atomic, ergodic and that its Hausdorff dimension is equal to the Hausdorff dimension of the Julia set. Furthermore, we show that there is a unique invariant probability measure that is absolutely continuous with respect to this conformal measure, and we show that this measure is exponentially mixing (it has exponential decay of correlations) and that it satisfies the Central Limit Theorem. We also show that for a complex rational map f the existence of such an invariant measure characterizes the Topological Collet-Eckmann Condition, and that this measure is the unique equilibrium state with potential - HD(J(f)) ln |f'|.


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