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Mathematics  2006 

Derivation of the Zakharov equations

DOI: 10.1007/s00205-006-0034-4

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This paper continues the study of the validity of the Zakharov model describing Langmuir turbulence. We give an existence theorem for a class of singular quasilinear equations. This theorem is valid for well-prepared initial data. We apply this result to the Euler-Maxwell equations describing laser-plasma interactions, to obtain, in a high-frequency limit, an asymptotic estimate that describes solutions of the Euler-Maxwell equations in terms of WKB approximate solutions which leading terms are solutions of the Zakharov equations. Because of transparency properties of the Euler-Maxwell equations, this study is led in a supercritical (highly nonlinear) regime. In such a regime, resonances between plasma waves, electromagnetric waves and acoustic waves could create instabilities in small time. The key of this work is the control of these resonances. The proof involves the techniques of geometric optics of Joly, M\'etivier and Rauch, recent results of Lannes on norms of pseudodifferential operators, and a semiclassical, paradifferential calculus.


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