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Mathematics  2005 

On the Typicality of the Linear Code Among the LDPC Coset Code Ensemble

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Density evolution (DE) is one of the most powerful analytical tools for low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes on memoryless binary-input/symmetric-output channels. The case of non-symmetric channels is tackled either by the LDPC coset code ensemble (a channel symmetrizing argument) or by the generalized DE for linear codes on non-symmetric channels. Existing simulations show that the bit error rate performances of these two different approaches are nearly identical. This paper explains this phenomenon by proving that as the minimum check node degree $d_c$ becomes sufficiently large, the performance discrepancy of the linear and the coset LDPC codes is theoretically indistinguishable. This typicality of linear codes among the LDPC coset code ensemble provides insight into the concentration theorem of LDPC coset codes.


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