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Physics  2006 

Spherical Solutions in Einstein-Aether Theory: Static Aether and Stars

DOI: 10.1088/0264-9381/27/4/049801

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The time independent spherically symmetric solutions of General Relativity (GR) coupled to a dynamical unit timelike vector are studied. We find there is a three-parameter family of solutions with this symmetry. Imposing asymptotic flatness restricts to two parameters, and requiring that the aether be aligned with the timelike Killing field further restricts to one parameter, the total mass. These "static aether" solutions are given analytically up to solution of a transcendental equation. The positive mass solutions have spatial geometry with a minimal area 2-sphere, inside of which the area diverges at a curvature singularity occurring at an extremal Killing horizon that lies at a finite affine parameter along a radial null geodesic. Regular perfect fluid star solutions are shown to exist with static aether exteriors, and the range of stability for constant density stars is identified.


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