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Physics  2002 

Infrared Exponents and Running Coupling of SU(N) Yang-Mills Theories

DOI: 10.1016/S0370-2693(02)01809-9

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We present approximate solutions for the gluon and ghost propagators as well as the running coupling in Landau gauge Yang-Mills theories. We solve the corresponding Dyson-Schwinger equations in flat Euclidean space-time without any angular approximation. This supplements recently obtained results employing a four-torus, i.e. a compact space-time manifold, as infrared regulator. We confirm previous findings deduced from an extrapolation with tori of different volumes: the gluon propagator is weakly vanishing in the infrared and the ghost propagator is highly singular. For non-vanishing momenta our propagators are in remarkable agreement with recent lattice calculations.


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