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Physics  2005 

Naked shell singularities on the brane

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.71.084020

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By utilizing non-standard slicings of 5-dimensional Schwarzschild and Schwarzschild-AdS manifolds based on isotropic coordinates, we generate static and spherically symmetric braneworld spacetimes containing shell-like naked null singularities. For planar slicings, we find that the brane-matter sourcing the solution is a perfect fluid with an exotic equation of state and a pressure singularity where the brane crosses the bulk horizon. From a relativistic point of view, such a singularity is required to maintain matter infinitesimally above the surface of a black hole. From the point of view of the AdS/CFT conjecture, the singular horizon can be seen as one possible quantum correction to a classical black hole geometry. Various generalizations of planar slicings are also considered for a Ricci-flat bulk, and we find that singular horizons and exotic matter distributions are common features.


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