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Physics  2013 

Onsager reciprocity principle for kinetic models and kinetic schemes

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Boltzmann equation requires some alternative simpler kinetic model like BGK to replace the collision term. Such a kinetic model which replaces the Boltzmann collision integral should preserve the basic properties and characteristics of the Boltzmann equation and comply with the requirements of non equilibrium thermodynamics. Most of the research in development of kinetic theory based methods have focused more on entropy conditions, stability and ignored the crucial aspect of non equilibrium thermodynamics. The paper presents a new kinetic model formulated based on the principles of non equilibrium thermodynamics. The new kinetic model yields correct transport coefficients and satisfies Onsager's reciprocity relationship. The present work also describes a novel kinetic particle method and gas kinetic scheme based on this linkage of non-equilibrium thermodynamics and kinetic theory. The work also presents derivation of kinetic theory based wall boundary condition which complies with the principles of non-equilibrium thermodynamics, and can simulate both continuum and rarefied slip flow in order to avoid extremely costly multi-scale simulation.


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