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Physics  2012 

Detector-induced backaction on the counting statistics of a double quantum dot

DOI: 10.1038/srep03026

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Full counting statistics of electron transport is of fundamental importance for a deeper understanding of the underlying physical processes in quantum transport in nanoscale devices. The backaction effect from a detector on the nanoscale devices is also essential due to its inevitable presence in experiments. Here we investigate the backaction of a charge detector in the form of a quantum point contact (QPC) on the counting statistics of a biased double quantum dot (DQD). We show that this inevitable QPC-induced backaction can have profound effects on the counting statistics under certain conditions, e.g., changing the shot noise from being sub-Poissonian to super-Poissonian, and changing the skewness from being positive to negative. Also, we show that both Fano factor and skewness can be either enhanced or suppressed by increasing the energy difference between two single-dot levels of the DQD under the detector-induced backaction.


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