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Physics  2012 

A Higgs Impostor in Low-Scale Technicolor

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We propose a "Higgs impostor" model for the 125 GeV boson, $X$, recently discovered at the LHC. It is a technipion, $\eta_T$, with $I^G J^{PC} = 0^- 0^{-+}$ expected in this mass region in low-scale technicolor. Its coupling to pairs of standard-model gauge bosons are dimension-five operators whose strengths are determined within the model. It is easy for the gluon fusion rate $\sigma B(gg \to \eta_T \to \gamma\gamma)$ to agree with the measured one, but $\eta_T \to ZZ^*,\,WW^*$ are greatly suppressed relative to the standard-model Higgs rates. This is a crucial test of our proposal. In this regard, we assess the most recent data on $X$ decay modes, with a critical discussion of $X \to ZZ^* \to 4\ell$. In our model the $\eta_T$ mixes almost completely with the isovector $\pi^0_T$, giving two similar states, $\eta_L$ at 125 Gev and $\eta_H$ higher, possibly in the range 170--190 Gev. Important consequences of this mixing are (1) the only associated production of et al is via $\to \to W \eta_L$, and this could be sizable; (2) $\eta_H$ may soon be accessible in $gg \to \eta_H \to \gamma\gamma$; and (3) LSTC phenomenology at the LHC is substantially modified.


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