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Physics  2012 

Measurement of double polarized asymmetries in quasi-elastic processes ${}^3\vec{He}(\vec{e},e' d)$ and ${}^3\vec{He}(\vec{e},e' p)$

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This thesis is dedicated to a study of a spin-isospin structure of the polarized ${}^3\mathrm{He}$. First, an introduction to the spin structure of ${}^3\mathrm{He}$ is given, followed by a brief overview of past experiments. The main focus of the thesis is the E05-102 experiment at Jefferson Lab, in which the reactions ${}^3\vec{\mathrm{He}}(\vec{\mathrm{e}},\mathrm{e'} \mathrm{d})$ and ${}^3\vec{\mathrm{He}}(\vec{\mathrm{e}},\mathrm{e'} \mathrm{p})$ in the quasi-elastic region were studied. The purpose of this experiment was to better understand the effects of the S'- and D-state contributions to the ${}^3\mathrm{He}$ ground-state wave-functions by a precise measurement of beam-target asymmetries $A_x$ and $A_z$ in the range of recoil momenta from 0 to about $300 \mathrm{MeV}/c$. The experimental equipment utilized in these measurements is described, with special attention devoted to the calibration of the hadron spectrometer, BigBite. Results on the measured asymmetries are presented, together with first attempts at their comparison to the state-of-the art Faddeev calculations. The remaining open problems and challenges for future work are also discussed.


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