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Physics  2012 

The substructure of a Quantum Oscillator field

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An oscillator (IQuO) more elementary than the quantum one is formulated. This is expressed by quantum operators (a, a+), with two-components and it is composed of sub-oscillators, each with "semi-quanta" (1/2h). The commutation relation of the (a,a+) "semi-quanta" operators is then calculated and the structure by IQuO of the scalar fields is defined with and without electric charge. Processing a coupling mechanism of electrically neutral IQuO that produces a pair (matter-antimatter) with electric charge and not. Through the IQuO-structure it is possible to interpret the electric charge and the isospin (in hadrons) as rotations in an inside space in the particle. Finally, a sub-structure of the quarks is conjectured and one define in probabilistic terms the non-integer value of their electrical charge.


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