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Physics  2015 

Topological properties of the FQH quasiparticles from the entanglement entropy

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The topological entanglement entropy is a robust measurement of the quantum many-body state with topological order. In fractional quantum Hall (FQH) state, it has a connection to the quantum dimension of the state itself and its quasihole excitations from the conformal field theory (CFT) description. We systematically study the entanglement entropy in the Laughlin, Moore-Read, and Read-Rezayi FQH states. The Abelian nature of the quasihole manifests in the invariant of the entanglement entropy and spectrum while it is created in the subsystem. Whereas the non-Abelian quasihole excitation induces an extra correction of the topological entanglement entropy and the changing of the structure of the entanglement spectrum. The quantum dimension of the quasihole can be obtained from the entropy difference before and after inserting the quasihole. On the other hand, the entanglement entropy behaviors similarly to the density profile and has less oscillations far away from the center of quasihole. It gives us a better definition of the quasihole boundary and the measurement of the size of the quasihole.


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