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Physics  2004 

Electromagnetic (${\vec e},e'{\vec p}$) Observables & Relativistic Nucleon Dynamics

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At present there exists a great interest in the search for evidence of possible modification of the nucleon form factors inside the nuclear medium. Recent theoretical work predict changes in the form factors within the experimental limits. Importantly, the longitudinal to sideways transferred polarization ratio has been identified as being ideally suited for such studies, as these polarization observables are believed to be the least sensitive to most standard nuclear structure uncertainties while their ratio shows a high sensitivity to the ratio of the electric to magnetic form factors. The kinematic regime where the measurements have been undertaken is at relatively high energy and it is clear that relativistic effects in wave functions and operators are essential. In this work we focus on the analysis of polarized $^{16}O(\vec{e},e'\vec{p})^{15}N$ observables. Our aim is to explore a selected set of model dependences that could contaminate any attempt to infer medium modifications, mainly related to the description of FSI and to the role played by relativity.


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