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Physics  2004 

Effects of antiferromagnetic planes on the superconducting properties of multilayered high-Tc cuprates

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.94.137003

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We propose a mechanism for high critical temperature (T_c) in the coexistent phase of superconducting- (SC) and antiferromagnetic (AF) CuO_2 planes in multilayered cuprates. The Josephson coupling between the SC planes separated by an AF insulator (Mott insulator) is calculated perturbatively up to the fourth order in terms of the hopping integral between adjacent CuO_2 planes. It is shown that the AF exchange splitting in the AF plane suppresses the so-called pi-Josephson coupling, and the long-ranged 0-Josephson coupling leads to coexistence with a rather high value of T_c.


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