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Physics  2001 

Separation of spin and charge in paired spin-singlet quantum Hall states

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.65.041305

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We propose a series of paired spin-singlet quantum Hall states, which exhibit a separation of spin and charge degrees of freedom. The fundamental excitations over these states, which have filling fraction \nu=2/(2m+1) with m an odd integer, are spinons (spin-1/2 and charge zero) or fractional holons (charge +/- 1/(2m+1) and spin zero). The braid statistics of these excitations are non-abelian. The mechanism for the separation of spin and charge in these states is topological: spin and charge excitations are liberated by binding to a vortex in a p-wave pairing condensate. We briefly discuss related, abelian spin-singlet states and possible transitions.


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