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Physics  2015 

Performance of a SensL-30035-16P Silicon Photomultiplier array at liquid argon temperature

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Next generation multi-ton scale noble liquid experiments have the unique opportunity to discover dark matter particles at the TeV scale, reaching the sensitivity of 10^-48 cm2 in the WIMP nucleon scattering cross-section. A prerequisite will be the reduction of radiogenic background sources to negligible levels. This is only possible if ultra pure high efficiency photosensors are available for the scintillation light readout. Current experiments (e.g. Xenon, LUX, Darkside, ArDM) use cryogenic PMTs as photosensors. An attractive alternative is represented by silicon photomultiplier arrays (SiPM arrays), which show unrivalled performances in single photon detection. This paper reports on the performance of the SensL-30035-16P SiPM array and a custom made cryogenic front-end board at the liquid argon temperature.


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