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Physics  2014 

Computational Studies of Light Shift in Raman-Ramsey Interference-Based Atomic Clock

DOI: 10.1364/JOSAB.32.000388

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Determining light shift in Raman-Ramsey interference is important for the development of atomic frequency standards based on a vapor cell. We have accurately calculated light shift in Raman-Ramsey interference using the density-matrix equations for a three-level system without invoking the adiabatic approximation. Specifically, phase shifts associated with coherent density-matrix terms are studied as they are relevant to the detection of Raman-Ramsey interference in transmission (or absorption) through the medium. For the single-velocity case, the numerically computed results are compared with the analytical results obtained using the adiabatic approximation. The result shows light shift suppression in conformity with the closed-form analytic solutions. The computational studies have also been extended to investigate Raman-Ramsey interference for a Doppler-broadened vapor medium. Importantly, a velocity-induced frequency shift is found at the fringe center as an additional source of frequency error for a vapor cell Raman clock.


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