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Physics  2013 

Possible $H$-like dibaryon states with heavy quarks

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.89.035201

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Possible $H$-like dibaryon states $\Lambda_{c}\Lambda_{c}$ and $\Lambda_{b}\Lambda_{b}$ are investigated within the framework of quark delocalization color screening model. The results show that the interaction between two $\Lambda_{c}$'s is repulsive, so it cannot be bound state by itself. However, the strong attraction in $\Sigma_{c}\Sigma_{c}$ and $\Sigma^{*}_{c}\Sigma^{*}_{c}$ channels and the strong channel coupling, due to the central interaction of one-gluon-exchange and one-pion-exchange, among $\Lambda_{c}\Lambda_{c}$, $\Sigma_{c}\Sigma_{c}$ and $\Sigma^{*}_{c}\Sigma^{*}_{c}$ push the energy of system below the threshold of $\Lambda_{c}\Lambda_{c}$ by $22$ MeV. The corresponding system $\Lambda_{b}\Lambda_{b}$ has the similar properties as that of $\Lambda_{c}\Lambda_{c}$ system, and a bound state is also possible in $\Lambda_{b}\Lambda_{b}$ system.


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