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Physics  2013 

Fidelity susceptibility and topological phase transition of a two dimensional spin-orbit coupled Fermi superfluid

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.89.043612

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We investigate the fidelity susceptibility (FS) of a two-dimensional spin-orbit coupled (SOC) Fermi superfluid and the topological phase transition driven by a Zeeman field in the perspective of its ground-state wave-function. Without Zeeman coupling, FS shows new features characterizing the BCS-BEC crossover induced by SOC. In the presence of a Zeeman field, the topological phase transition is explored using both FS and the topological invariant. In particular, we obtain the analytical result of the topological invariant which explicitly demonstrates that the topological phase transition corresponds to a sudden change of the ground state wave-function. Consequently, FS diverges at the phase transition point with its critical behavior being: $\chi \propto ln|h-h_{c}|$ . Based on this observation, we conclude that the topological phase transition can be detected by measuring the momentum distribution in cold atoms experiment.


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