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Physics  2012 

Hadron physics and dynamical chiral symmetry breaking

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Physics is an experimental science; and a constructive feedback between theory and extant and forthcoming experiments is necessary if an understanding of nonperturbative QCD is to be achieved. The Dyson-Schwinger equations connect confinement with dynamical chiral symmetry breaking, both with the observable properties of hadrons, and hence can plausibly provide a means of elucidating the empirical content of strong QCD. We illustrate these points via comments on: in-hadron condensates; dressed-quark anomalous chromo- and electro-magnetic moments; the self-limiting magnitudes of such moments and pion-loop contributions to the gap equation; deep inelastic scattering; the spectra of mesons and baryons; the critical role played by hadron-hadron interactions in producing these spectra; and nucleon elastic and transition form factors.


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