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Physics  2011 

Dark energy model with variable $q$ and $ω$ in LRS Bianchi-II space-time

DOI: 10.1007/s10509-012-1070-1

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The present study deals with spatial homogeneous and anisotropic locally rotationally symmetric (LRS) Bianchi-II dark energy model in general relativity. The Einstein's field equations have been solved exactly by taking into account the proportionality relation between one of the components of shear scalar $(\sigma^{1}_{1})$ and expansion scalar $(\vartheta)$, which, for some suitable choices of problem parameters, yields time dependent equation of state (EoS) and deceleration parameter (DP), representing a model which generates a transition of universe from early decelerating phase to present accelerating phase. The physical and geometrical behavior of universe have been discussed in detail.


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