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Physics  2012 

Elastic pbar-d scattering and total pbar-d cross sections

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.87.054003

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Elastic pbar-d scattering is studied within the Glauber theory based on the single- and double pbar-N scattering mechanisms. The full spin dependence of the elementary pbar-N scattering amplitudes is taken into account and both the S- and D-wave components of the deuteron are considered. The treatment of the spin dependence is done in a (properly modified) formalism developed recently by Platonova and Kukulin for the pd -> pd scattering process. Predictions for differential cross sections and the spin observables A_y^d, A_y^pbar, A_xx, A_yy are presented for antiproton beam energies between 50 and 300 MeV, using amplitudes generated from the Nbar-N interaction model developed by the Juelich group. Total polarized cross sections are calculated utilizing the optical theorem. The efficiency of the polarization buildup for antiprotons in a storage ring is investigated.


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