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Physics  2012 

The Study of Goldstone Modes in $ν$=2 Bilayer Quantum Hall Systems

DOI: 10.1140/epjb/e2012-30559-2

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At the filling factor $\nu$=2, the bilayer quantum Hall system has three phases, the spin-ferromagnet phase, the spin singlet phase and the canted antiferromagnet (CAF) phase, depending on the relative strength between the Zeeman energy and interlayer tunneling energy. We present a systematic method to derive the effective Hamiltonian for the Goldstone modes in these three phases. We then investigate the dispersion relations and the coherence lengths of the Goldstone modes. To explore a possible emergence of the interlayer phase coherence, we analyze the dispersion relations in the zero tunneling energy limit. We find one gapless mode with the linear dispersion relation in the CAF phase.


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