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Using of the Generalized Special Relativity in Deriving the Equation of the Gravitational Red-Shift

DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2011.25045, PP. 370-373

Keywords: Generalized, Red-Shift, GSR, Approximations, Gravitational

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In this work we present a study of a new method to prove the equation of the gravitational red shift of spec-tral lines. That’s according to the generalized special relativity theory. The equation of the gravitational red shift of spectral lines has been studied in many different works, using different methods depending on the Newtonian mechanics, and other theories. Although attention was drawn to the fact that the well-known ex-pression of the gravitational Red-Shift of spectral lines may be derived with no recourse to the general rela-tivity theory! In this study a unique derivation has been done using the Generalized Special Relativity (GSR) and the same result obtained.


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