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Physics  2011 

Extraction of Various Five-Quark Components of the Nucleons

DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2011.08.077

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We have generalized the approach of Brodsky {\it et al.} for the intrinsic charm quark distribution in the nucleons to the light-quark sector involving intrinsic $\bar u, \bar d, s$ and $\bar s$ sea quarks. We compare the calculations with the existing $\bar d - \bar u$, $s + \bar s$, and $\bar u + \bar d - s -\bar s$ data. The good agreement between the theory and the data allows the extraction of the probabilities for the $|uudu\bar{u}>$, $|uudd\bar{d}>$, and $|uuds\bar{s}>$ five-quark Fock states in the proton. We also calculate the $x$-dependence of the intrinsic charm after taking into consideration the QCD evolution of the intrinsic quark distribution.


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